Lori Frazer
YMWI Program Specialist

With an extensive background in the music field, Lori Frazer works closely with YMWI collaborators to ensure successful recreational music making (RMM) projects.   Since joining the Clavinova Connection team in 2004, Lori has enjoyed bringing the amazement and wellness benefits of RMM to many people who never thought it was even possible to play a musical instrument.

As the lead program facilitator and technical specialist on the YMWI team, Lori trains and supports hospital and clinical staff, as well as research teams.  From initial planning through all phases of instruction to final implementation, Lori provides a comprehensive training experience that specifically addresses the respective needs of each organization.

Lori's expertise extends into medical, as well as retirement communities, senior centers, and special programs that enable people with a host of challenges to enjoy the benefits of creative musical expression.